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We have been with Mid Valley for 4 years and I can’t say enough positive words about this program and how it has saved my sanity. I have always wanted to home school my children, but the holes in my own education always kept me from diving in. The teachers at Mid Valley have held my hand for the last 4 years, helping me when I’m a little lost, talking to my kids when they just aren’t understanding a concept the way I’m explaining it, arranging fantastic field trips and science labs and always expecting the absolute best that my kids have inside them. As my son wraps up his eighth grade year at Mid Valley, I am torn. This boy is beyond prepared for his high school years, but he will never have a better educational experience.


Dessie K.

Mid Valley has been a huge, amazing, impactful experience. We enrolled our son there in —. From the very beginning Becky Hofer and Cheryl Jones were incredibly helpful. Mid Valley Master Teachers worked with us to make sure our son had the right curriculum. During our 6 years we saw both  academic and personal growth in our son. The many fun field trips, science, art and music days gave us the chance to connect with other families and created a social connection for all. Thank you for being a partner, an encouragement and support for this educational experience. I have homeschooled for 22 years; most of those years were with a charter home school. Mid Valley was by far, the best charter home school experience. You are amazing! 

Cheryl R.

I homeschooled through Mid Valley Charter for 6 years. As a mother to an autistic daughter we honestly couldn’t ask for a better program and support system, not only from Miss Becky & Miss Cheryl but from the staff at Kit Carson as well.   The atmosphere is always welcoming, as is that of a family. There are friendships to be made, and always a field trip, art, or science project in the works. We found that both students AND parents were learning!   Having a special needs child is tough enough, but our curriculum was designed not only to meet her needs but to meet the standards as well.  I honestly can’t thank the program enough for giving us the tools to carry on in our next chapter! 



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