What is Homeschooling?  

How to Home-school by expert Leslie Nathaniel
"Homeschooling is home-based learning that provides an education customized to suit your child and family. It does not have to look just like school taught at home, nor do you have to follow a typical school schedule. Homeschooling affords a family the chance to ensure that children are taught in the manner in which they learn best, offering a lot of freedom in guiding your child's education. More than just an educational choice, homeschooling typically represents a lifestyle choice for families." -Leslie Nathaniel

What does the law say about home-schooling?
You are perfectly within your rights to home-school your child, even if you are NOT a credentialed teacher!  With help and guidance from Mid Valley’s experienced, credentialed master teachers, you will learn to effectively teach your child and see him/her progress properly. 

How much time does homeschooling take?
Although it varies, it usually takes between 4-6 hours per day.  We’ll help you create a schedule that fits your child, your lifestyle, and also gives sufficient time for your child to progress daily in each subject.  
We recommend that parents NOT work full time if they are homeschooling.  Even part time work can be stressful when you are teaching, grading, and schooling each day.  You and your child will be a successful team (and happier) if you do not overextend yourself.

How often do I need to check in with our Master Teacher?
You will be assigned a credential teacher; we call her a 'Master Teacher.' She will meet with you once per week. Once things are going smoothly and you and your child have settled into an effective routine, we can see you a bit less often.  We are always available, by appointment, by email, Skype, or by phone when a question arises.  Don’t hesitate to call!

  1. In 21st century learning, your child will thrive in learning at their level, their interests, and in many environments.

  2. Safety: your child is safest with you. (No bullying, etc.)

  3. Your child can proceed at his our her own pace, which may be faster or slower than a classroom pace.

  4. If your child doesn’t understand a concept the first time, instead of falling behind, you have the time re-teach until the concept is mastered. 

  5. Personalized education will be created just for your child. There is no 'cookie cutter' approach. This is done through accurate assessments.

Can my 8th grader be a part of graduation ceremonies?
Absolutely!  Our 8th graders may participate in the cap and gown graduation exercises with graduates from Kit Carson School if they are eligible.  (2.0 GPA or above, pass Constitution Test, and Language Arts and Mathematics Proficiency Tests.)