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What is Independent Study?  

Mid Valley Charter provides the curriculum, direct oversight is by a California credentialed teacher but completion of schoolwork overseen by parents/guardians in the home. 

How much time does independent study take?
Although it varies by grade level and learning styles, it usually takes between 3-6 hours per day.  We can help you create a schedule that fits your child, your lifestyle, and also gives sufficient time for your child to progress daily in each subject.  
We recommend that a parent/guardian is home if a student is in independent study.  

How often does my student meet with their teacher?

Your student will be assigned a credential teacher that you will meet with one-on-one. Your assigned teacher will schedule these meetings to accommodate your schedule.  New independent study laws also require students K-3 to have daily instruction and students 4-8 to have weekly instruction. These times will be virtual through zoom.

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