What is Independent Study?  


How much time does independent study take?
Although it varies by grade level and learning styles, it usually takes between 3-6 hours per day.  We can help you create a schedule that fits your child, your lifestyle, and also gives sufficient time for your child to progress daily in each subject.  
We recommend that a parent/guardian is home if a student is in independent study.  

How often does my student meet with their teacher?
Your student will be assigned a credential teacher that you will meet with once a month, one-on-one. New independent study laws also require students K-3 to have daily instruction and students 4-8 to have weekly instruction. These times will be virtual through zoom. 

Can my 8th grader be a part of graduation ceremonies?
Absolutely!  Our 8th graders may participate in the cap and gown graduation exercises with graduates from Kit Carson School if they are eligible.  (2.0 GPA or above, pass Constitution Test, and Language Arts and Mathematics Proficiency Tests.)