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The world is our classroom! We find our students learn things in a variety of ways, and field trips provide a wealth of sensory learning that cannot be compared. Reading about a farm provides 2-dimensional information; visiting a local goat dairy is 3-dimensional! Our goal is to foster learning in the outside world, while providing opportunities for students and families to form bonds and just enjoy friendships. We have field trips, student engagement days, outdoor science labs, art classes several times per month, and find that those who attend regularly have a richer home school experience. Mid Valley students recently baked chocolate chip cookies in a solar oven they created, panned for gold and semi-precious stones, and discovered rocks and minerals at a local park, where students found evidence of the rock cycle in a dry creek bed. While dissecting sharks, owl pellets, and even extracting DNA from strawberries, our students love to get their hands dirty! Our Mid Valley artists enjoy our watercolor classes and creating collages to display their passions.

From Amtrak rides to the capitol, to the coast to discover new ecosystems, to touring City Hall, our students LOVE our field trips. The camaraderie between students, parents and families is tremendous and is the ‘icing on the cake’ of the Mid Valley experience.


Amtrak Trip

Outdoor Science


Watercolor Classes

Gold Rush Day

Planetarium Visit

Tide Pool Observation


Canoeing Day

Talent Show


We partner with Kit Carson School to provide an opportunity for our students to showcase their varied talents on stage for friends and family!


Want your child involved with sports? We partner with the Kit Carson School athletic program to give our students the opportunity of participating on sports teams!

Outdoor Science-Burris Park 
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Mid Valley believes in fostering creativity! We employ a part time art teacher who instructs the students in varied media projects, allowing them to hone their fine-motor skills and stretch their imagination!